“What door is locked, yet always remains open?”

As far as we know, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. We are not transformed by love. Rather love is transformed by us. We have a choice to transform love into greater love or to transform love into hate, and back again. It is all a matter of choice. Love has always existed, just as we have always existed and will continue to exist. During times in the world, like we are experiencing now, love can be subtly transformed into hate. However, we have control over the manipulation of life, more than we believe.

Belief in love and its transformative powers is of the greatest threat to those that oppose it. It is the dark that keeps us stuck, therefore we remain there. Yet it is within our power to take evil/hatred/anger/fear and transform it into love because after all, killing evil for being evil is the same as being evil itself. To put down another for having been put down is equal. To accuse another for having been accused is equal. To hate another for having been hated is equal. In your differences you are told you can be better or do better than another. Therefore, you are unconsciously slated against each other and are told to think of yourself as superior in your quest to achieve equality. Equality has become a tainted word, for now the definition means: to raise myself up, I must submerge you. As opposed to finding equal ground with your fellow human by buoying up to help they who are struggling; to pick up slack where one is too tired or weak to pick it up for themselves. There the path begins.

The manipulation of words and the re-defining of those words has become a threat to humanity. What used to be defined as love is now labelled as hatred and vis versa. Beware of the redefining of a timeless truth. There is only one truth and yet billions of them. It is when society finds Truth, it will ascend.

Society tells us how to be and then our soul shows us who we are. One comes from an external source, the other from an internal source. Differentiating from who society is telling you to be versus who you are here to become, vary greatly. Once force tells you that in your weaknesses you can be “fixed” or “solved.” But what they do not tell you enough is that you are perfect, just as you are. This is because they thrive off of your power and off of you giving them your power. Sometimes they demand it, other times they take it from you as imperceptibly as a nose breathes in air. It is not physical death that results in final termination, it is in giving your power away to something outside of yourself while living, that is greater than any physical death. When you begin to become, as in become YOU, you will see. You will understand. Becoming is seeing. Becoming is believing.

The only way forward is to love. Love is the alchemical substance that’s basis is found in its opposite. It is a matter of choice. In times of difficulty know that revelation is relative, for each individual is experiencing life at a different pace than the one next to them. To extend a hand when someone slips is the most noble of acts. To hold compassionate space for a comrade struggling is Truth itself. And within and without all, Love is the answer.

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