The Auratraits I offering is the closest offering to a classical portrait painting however there is still an intuitive overlay to the process. The benefit to this offering is that Madeleine does not need someone’s conscious consent to paint them. Therefore, the portrait can be painted for a friend, family member, young child, beloved animal or a loved one that has passed on. The other benefit to this option is that it can also be given to a friend or family member as a surprise.


The Auratraits II offering is a more in-depth and explorative process for someone on a deeper quest for their own soul’s guidance. With the Auratraits II process Madeleine shamanically journeys on a client’s behalf to receive intuitive messages from someone’s spiritual guides. Therefore, with this offering Madeleine needs the conscious consent and to be able to interface with the person being painted in order to assist spiritually on their behalf.