No Mud, No Lotus . No Pressure, No Diamond .

I wrote this quote down on a little piece of scrap paper to sit on my desk as a reminder, just as COVID was getting bad and lockdowns were increasing. The first part is taken from Thich Naht Hahns book title “No Mud, No Lotus.” The second part seemed like a nice complement and certainly echoes the same sentiment. It takes very hard times filled with immense pressure and darkness to produce exquisite beauty and unimaginable strength. Lotus flowers must travel all the way from the dark, muddy waters with an innate intelligence, knowing they will find the light as they reach the surface to bloom. Diamonds are created by the immense pressure and heat forced upon their carbon structure deep within the earth. We are all diamonds in the making and lotus’ blooming towards the sky right now. This time of immense challenge that we are going through as a United Nation of States, and as a world is going to result in the brilliant flourishing of millions of individual souls once it is over. If we can just handle the dark, muddy waters and intense, earthly pressure for a little bit longer, we will know beauty, prosperity, joy, love and peace again. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

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