The auratraits II offering is a more in-depth and explorative process for someone on a deeper quest for their own soul’s guidance. With the Auratraits II process Madeleine shamanically journeys on a client’s behalf to receive intuitive messages from someone’s spiritual guides. Therefore, with this offering Madeleine needs the conscious consent and to be able to interface with the person being painted in order to work spiritually on their behalf.

Madeleine obtains the imagery through her intuitive insight and from training in shamanic practices. She depicts the impressions and spiritual guidance she receives for the client by channeling on a client’s behalf. Madeleine articulates the information she receives into a one-of-a-kind artwork. The artwork is also accompanied by soul journey notes.

The soul journey notes are usually 1-2 pages in length. The notes encapsulate all the messages that Madeleine receives from the spirit realm in written context after shamanic journeying. Often the journey presents itself like a short story with a beginning, middle and end. Madeleine meets one or more of the client’s highest-level guides at the beginning of the journey. The client’s highest-level guide(s) take Madeleine on a journey to obtain information to assist the client on their soul’s path.

The painting culminates in a visual representation of the imagery Madeleine receives for the client from the journey. Also, direct guidance is physically channeled through Madeleine’s hands from spirit as she paints. Soul portraits are meant to reveal the true beauty of the subject being painted by reminding that individual of their inherent power and radiance. The intent of Auratraits is to heal, assist, inspire, and guide the client to live their most awakened, empowered and fulfilling life.

You can book an Auratraits II offering for yourself and you can also book a gift-certificate for a family member or friend here. If you have any questions for Madeleine about the process please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact page here.