The Auratraits I offering is the closest offering to a classical portrait painting however there is still an intuitive overlay to the process. The benefit to this offering is that Madeleine does not need someone’s conscious consent to paint them because there is no shamanic journeying done for the client. Therefore, the portrait can be painted for a friend, family member, young child, beloved animal or a loved one that has passed on. The other benefit to this option is that it can also be given to a friend or family member as a surprise.

The Auratraits I offering is a little less in-depth than the auratraits II offering because Madeleine does not shamancially journey to obtain spiritual guidance and information for the client; instead she allows what comes through her hands intuitively to make its way into the painting. An auratrait I painting may not have quite as many symbolic details painted into it as an auratraits II painting because there is no shamanic journeying on a client’s behalf. There are also no journey notes presented with this offering. All soul portrait paintings are painted in the most loving light. Soul portraits are meant to reveal the true beauty of the subject being painted by reminding that individual of their inherent power, beauty and radiance.

To book the Aurtraits I offering you can visit the book an auratrait page here. If you have any questions for Madeleine about the process please do not hesitate to reach through the contact page!