Auratraits™ (‘ôrətrāts): a soul portrait, a play on the word portrait, a painting of a person’s ‘aura traits.’

An auratrait™ is a soul portrait painted with a spiritual interpretation of a person’s divinity. The hand-painted soul portrait is enhanced with a mystical interpretation of the client’s soul language and aura. There are two different type of Auratraits paintings which deliver different end results for the person, deceased loved one or animal who is painted. To learn more about the different Auratraits types you can visit The Auratraits Types page here. Madeleine obtains the imagery through her intuitive insight and from training in shamanic practices. She depicts the impressions and spiritual guidance she receives for the client by channeling on a client’s behalf. Madeleine articulates the information she receives into a one-of-a-kind artwork. To view the most recently painted auratraits you can visit the the auratraits portfolio page here.

Auratraits™ begin through the mediums of painting and illustration. Their structural creation starts with a photograph provided to Madeleine by the client. Madeleine works with her intuition and guidance from the spiritual realm to obtain information surrounding the client’s query. Auratraits work on a multi-faceted level to assist the client in their spiritual growth. Often the answers we seek are just beyond the veil. Auratraits reflect the client’s true nature and potential back to them through the medium of art. These soul portraits assist others by reminding them of their true gifts and talents. Madeleine helps decipher messages from spirit to help others on their soul’s path. Soul portraits are meant to reveal the true beauty of the subject being painted by reminding that individual of their inherent power and radiance. The intent of Auratraits
is to heal, assist, inspire, and guide the client to live their most awakened, empowered and fulfilling life. To book an auratrait click here.

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